Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Is it possible for a talented person to hate his job? Yes and it can drive him or her crazy. Many things are at tracted to job success and you must balance all to enjoy your job. A less talented person can enjoy his job more than a very talented job holder. Many things can discourage the talented to the extent that he would want to quit his job. The first consideration is the people he works with. Working relationships is the most vital consideration; especially if your boss hates you and would want to get you out of the system. It is like hell working for somebody who dislikes you. There will be constant conflicts and friction, which is turn would lower productivity and decrease working concentration. As the conflict increases, the tension goes up and the boss finds a good reason to get him out of the job. In the end, he loses his job. This is the case of a talented worker who was frustrated in his job. At times we are the cause of our problems. When we are attacked we try to revenge and cause more trouble for ourselves. We want to fight back and worsen the situation and that leads to job disqualification. A talented worker can still save his job and change the minds of his persecutors. Conflicts can be resolved if we stop revenge for revenge. No matter how good you are at revenging, in the end, it brings you more sorrow and unhappiness. Revenge is like fighting a war; and in war you always get hurt. If you don’t die at war, and come back as the winner, you will still experience sorrow.
Why? Because some of your loved ones were killed during the war. This is what revenge can do to you. Revenge is sweet when we think about it, yet there is a price attached to every wrong action we take. I believe there is micro-revenge in every living being but planned revenge is a danger sign in our lives. Just like hatred, revenge will sap your energy for living and leave your heart heavy. A revengeful person can’t be happy; he spends all his time trying to hurt somebody and he loses the joy of other relationships in the race to destroy his neigbour. Many people profess to love God but their action is anti-God. You know, revenge is sweet. Just think about it, somebody hurts you, and because you have been hurt, you want to give that person back. You want to teach him or her a lesson, and at his point, it is sweet, you are enjoying it knowing that the person will suffer for it. You started planning your revengeful mission. Meanwhile your heart is burning like the burning bush Moses saw in the Bible, it wants to hurt and finish the mission. This in turn has affected your concentration at work, at home and in your personal life. You can’t enjoy peace because your mind is not at rest. Your family is not happy with you because you can’t just settle down. Even after you have completed your revenge mission. You thought it was over, yet it is not over. When thought it is time to rest is when the war has just started. Why, that person you hurt might have another plan to hurt you again and your world is at war again. Plan two begins and you strike him and he responds to your action and it keeps going until you lose your head, your mind, your marriage, your children, your job, and your business. Revenge alone had buried many marriages and businesses. It is so powerful negative that continuous expression of revenge will turn you into a killer. Do you know that majority of those who kill men today never thought they would do so yesterday? It may surprise you that some who killed today were real saints of God yesterday. It all starts small and you can never tell, that small dislike in your heart might to hatred tomorrow. Be careful! The mind can be wicked, we all have that little hatred in our hearts. We all have the tendency to kill and hurt others, we must guard our minds and resolve small issues. King David never thought he would murder one of his best fighters, but he did and regretted his action. Now ask me, didn’t David serve God with all his heart? He is even rated as the best king who feared God. No matter how spiritual a person is, he can fall if he entertains those thoughts of evil. This is why spiritual giants can still commit fornication and all kinds of sins. Save your life, time and energy by rejecting anything that wants to steal your happiness; think over these things and you will be happy and successful in your job and at home.

Whenever there is conflict in the working place, there is great loss. The conflict creator loses, the conflict target loses, the conflict environment loses, and the conflict organization loses.

May we not employ trouble makers so that we don’t fall down and break our legs?

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